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A team of fifteen engineers and technicians works on experiments/project , theirs developpments are covering two profiles of skills. The first profile are focusing on real-time computing technologies very close to instrumentation. On-line data acquisition and processing activities are corresponding to this profile. The second profile is software engineering and cover all the aspects around databases, slow control, simulation, production and data analysis.

Experimental projects

The following major projects have been finalized, are in production and maintenance phase or are sometimes still under development:

- VIRGO: Design and implementation of the timing system, the acquisition system and the detection bench. Development of automation tools for locking acquisition and interferometer monitoring. And this in close collaboration with the electronics engineers.
- ATLAS ROD project: realization of a control system (FIG. 1), of the system for reading and processing data from the ATLAS liquid argon electromagnetic calorimeter in collaboration with the electronic team in charge of the ROD card Read Out Driver). For the new program of evolution of the experiment, study of new chassis of type ATCA and associated electronic cards. Figure 1: The ATLAS control room
- CTA: LAPP’s IT teams are involved in several aspects of this astroparticle experiment, notably at the level of the control system of the large telescope but also by being involved in the realization of the pipeline and optimization of the processing chain of the telescope. data. Finally, the LAPP participates in the management of the collaborative tools of the collaboration and is strongly involved in the definition of the computer infrastructures that will be implemented.
- SuperNEMO: Through the use of the OPCU standard, the LAPP teams implement the control system of the experiment.
- Simulation of which expertise GEANT4: Involvement in the validation of the rapid simulation for ATLAS and coordination of some working groups of the collaboration GEANT 4. Team of two people in support to the use of simulation tools including GEANT4. Other projects and collaborations

Since 2002, the laboratory has been involved in European grid projects: DATAGRID, EGEE and then EGI (European Grid Initiative). On the other hand, as part of the support for LHC experiments, it is a Tier 2 node within W-LCG and therefore a member of the LCG-France project, the Institut des Grilles and France Grilles.