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Technical platform

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MUST meso-center platform has been built to be as generic as possible to be a multi-usage computing platform. A specific focus on performance and reliability has been followed.

Hardware Infrastructure

The processing capacity is built around a 209 blade servers farm providing a mesured performance of 24152 HEPSPEC06. This infrastructure is able to manage more than 3300 simultaneous jobs with a memory capacity of 2GBytes each.

Each of the servers is connected on two distinct 1Gbps networks to isolate server interconnect trafic from data storage access. A subset of this infrastructure ( 16 servers) is connected by an Infiniband interconnect solution. A set of 2 servers provides a GPU infrastructure (NVIDIA K80)

The Storage Architecture is composed of two subsystems :

- SAN subsystem of 220TB useful capacity managed by a POSIX GPFS filesystem for performance and reliable access.
- A set of basic storage servers (2000 TB useful capacity) accessed only by Grid specific storage protocols and middleware.

MUST Architecture is also composed of a set of 20 servers for required services hosting. These services could be GRID computing element, GRID storage element, GRID information services, scheduling, administration and monitoring, software deployment services, ...

More technicals details here

Software Architecture

The Scientific Linux 6.4 64 bits Operating System , based on RedHat Enterprise 6.4, is installed on each meso-center machine. All the computing ressources and part of the storage could also be accessed through the EMI-3 Grid middleware.