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Rare and radiative decays : a hands-on, theoretical & experimental introduction

A whole body of decays of beauty hadrons display a seemingly coherent pattern of deviations with respect to the Standard Model. This pattern points towards new effects at scales not much above 10 TeV. A decay of great interest to further test the above observations is the rare & radiative decay Bs →μ μ γ. Recently, Dettori-Guadagnoli-Reboud, Phys.Lett., B768, 163 proposed a novel method to access this decay. The measurement would be the first ever, and would provide a strong test of the above deviations. The subject is thus of joint experiment and theory interest, and the internship will represent a comprehensive introduction to both these aspects.

o Niveau : Master 2, peut être suivi par une thèse financée par l’ANR

o Dates : printemps 2020

o Encadrants : Diego Guadagnoli et Jean-François Marchand

o Téléphone : 04 50 09 17 77 / 04 50 09 16 34

o e-mail :,

o Membres de l’équipe LHCb-LAPP : M.Chefdeville, D. Décamp, P. Ghez, J.-F. Marchand, M.-N. Minard, B. Pietrzyk, M. Reboud, S. T’Jampens

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