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Indirect search for new physics from the study of vector boson scattering at LHC.

Since the observation of a Higgs boson in 2012 at LHC, and after an in-depth study of its properties, it seems that the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics had finally revealed all its secrets. However, many phenomena stay unexplained, suggesting that a more general theory than the MS should exist. A direct search of new particles is being performed at LHC, vainly until now. Indirect searches, i.e searches for deviations in well known observables, could be the solution to bring out this long awaited new physics.

o Level : Master 2 internship, can be followed by a PhD

o Date of the internship : spring 2019

o Responsable : Narei Lorenzo Martinez

o Phone : 04 50 09 17 49

o e-mail :

o Team members : N. Berger, M. Delmastro, L. Di Ciaccio, C. Goy, T.Guillemin,T. Hryn’ova, S. Jézéquel, I. Koletsou, R. Lafaye, J. Lévêque, N. Lorenzo Martinez, E. Sauvan, I. Wingerter-Seez

Detailed description :