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AIDA : Industry - Academia matching event on 3D integration technologies for chip packaging in future detectors

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This ’Academia meets Industry’ event was organized in Frascati, Italy by the AIDA ( ) EU funded FP7 detector R&D project. AIDA now over, see AIDA2020

The theme of this event scheduled for 8-9 April, 2013 is 3D integration technologies for chip packaging in future detectors. The objectives are to:

• introduce the industry to the technological- and R&D-needs of the Particle Physics and Astroparticle Physics community, as well as the needs of other sectors, including medical imaging and synchrotron radiation,

• advance R&D collaborations between academia and industry,

• offer companies the opportunity to meet with researchers and present their activities and products

Invited speakers of academia will present their needs and invited speakers of well-known companies from the field (IBM, Fraunhofer, Tezzaron Semiconductor, Philips, IMEC, CMP ) will present their capabilities on 3D integration, such as advanced interconnection technologies and TSV (through silicon vias).

Registration is now open at the event’s website.

The agenda is now online.

Event’s website: