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M2 Intership- Electron performance improvements for the new phenomena searches in the ATLAS experiment

The ATLAS group at LAPP is working on a complete set of differential cross-section measurements for dilepton production (Drell-Yan scattering) in the context of the ERC Consolidator Grant DITTO (2023-2028). These high mass Drell-Yan scattering measurements, based on the combined Run 2 (2015-2018) and Run 3 (2022-2025) LHC data sets, will be used to probe new phenomena at mass scales beyond the reach of direct production at the LHC through the Standard Model effective field theory framework. To ensure the best possible precision of these measurements, this internship will focus on the innovative improvements to the ATLAS electron calibration and identification algorithms in both real-time (trigger) and offline physics analysis environments applying the cutting-edge machine-learning techniques. This work will be done within the ATLAS group at LAPP in Annecy and based on LHC Run 3 data which is currently being collected with the ATLAS detector at CERN. LAPP is located 50 km from CERN. Prospective candidates should contact the internship supervisors by email.

The M2 internship can be expanded into a PhD with the goal to provide world’s most precise HMDY differential cross-section measurements in either the light lepton channels ev/μv/ee/µµ or third generation τv and ττ final states on combined Run 2 and Run 3 (2022-2025) ATLAS data set. The duration of the thesis is three years. An extended stay in CERN is possible during the PhD thesis. The geographical proximity of LAPP to CERN facilitates the direct implication of the student in the life of the experiment including shifts and collaboration meetings. The contacts with theorists are also facilitated by the presence of the theoretical physics laboratory LAPTh in the same building.

  • Supervisors : Tetiana Berger-Hryn’ova , Nihal Brahimi
  • Phone number : 0450091677
  • Mail :,