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ASICs and Programmable components

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Current particle physics and astroparticles experiments are extremely challenging in terms of handling huge amounts of signals in very short time under tough radiation conditions. Electronics must be able to isolate and handle very short and very low amplitude pulses generated in the sensors by the passage of particles.

Specificities of the electronics developed by LAPP

Circuit intégré analogique - expérience spatiale

High speed and dynamic range, low noise, low power consumption, huge number of channels require the development of specific integrated circuits. Skills covered at LAPP concerns mainly front-end electronics for high energy physics experiments but are easily applicable to various fileds like sensor signal processing, low material application,low power consumption devices or harsh environment. Read more about Microelectronics at LAPP.

Behind the front-end electronics, which combines the required analog functions (amplification, sampling, multiplexing...), the programmable components of latest technology offer great possibilities : easy integration of digital processing needs, easy evaluation, low costs. Widely used, they are the heart of most electronic LAPP achievements.

From design up to the tests

The laboratory has control of the complete chain of electronics engineering, but today, given the complexity of integrated functions, there is more emphasis than ever placed on testing tools.

Regional Partnership

LAPP has establish a long-standing relationship with MIND, the "centre de Microtechnologies pour l’INDustrie".