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The Fête de la Science went out of the laboratory

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The Fête de la Science went out of the laboratory

LAPP traditionally opens its doors to the public every two years for the “Fête de la science”. After an epic edition in 2021, organised with masks and sanitary passes, we hope to see our public again in October 2023.

To mark and end 2022, a year rich in celebrations for the Higgs boson [1] and the ATLAS experiment [2], a new formula found its audience, different and intrigued: in the centre of Annecy, an art-science exhibition resulting from the collaboration between the artist Ian Andrews and one of our colleagues from the University of Birmingham, Kostas Nikolopoulos [3]. Thanks to the remarkable support of the cultural service of the Annecy town hall and the team of the Forum Exposition Bonlieu [4], the meetings followed one another throughout the exhibition. Demonstrations and tours focusing on the science that inspired the works were added during the Fête de la science period.

Exhibition at the Forum Exposition Bonlieu

A little further away in Haute-Savoie, the castle of La Roche-sur-Foron welcomed LAPP scientists for a weekend co-organised with the association A Seconde Vue [5]. Gravitational waves were in the spotlight, with a conference by Frédérique Marion, while the exhibitions and demonstrations given by our colleagues were a great success.

Demonstrations at the castle in la Roche-sur-Foron

The USMB campus in Annecy le Vieux was not to be outdone, with a performance of "Neutrino passoire", a dance and physics show [6] at the IUT.

Variety of themes, places, audiences: the success of this edition pushes us, of course, to catch our breath and renew the experience? Long live the Fête de la science and thank you to everyone who took part.

The « Neutrino passoire » show

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