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COVID-19: manufacture of protective visors for the benefit of caregivers

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COVID-19: manufacture of protective visors for the benefit of caregivers

To fight the spread of the coronavirus, the LAPP’s mechanical department is manufacturing protective visors for caregivers and personnel confronted with the disease.

Faced with a shortage of materials, volunteers from the mechanical department organized to design and manufacture PVC protective visors at the LAPP. After validating their prototype with health workers, they quickly went into production.

The first 100 copies were distributed in less than two hours and a large part of the production has already been completed," explains one team member, "we delivered the material to the pharmacy for redistribution to city doctors, nurses and caregivers, as well as to the gendarmerie, which is responsible for delivery to the COVID centre. Copies were also deposited in the clinic and at Annecy hospital for evaluation and validation".

Today, 850 visors have already been manufactured at the LAPP and the mechanical department will remain mobilized for the next few days in the laboratory to produce more material.

To meet the numerous requests, the mechanical department is also sharing a tutorial and its plans with the public in order to multiply the production of these visors: a simple and feasible manufacturing with common tools!

Tutorial :