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ESCAPE : LAPP leader of a new european project

ESCAPE : LAPP leader of a new european project

The European Union member states, recognising the challenges of data driven research in pursuing excellent science, have launched the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative.

EOSC is a cloud for research data in Europe allowing for universal access to data through a single online platform. EOSC will federate existing resources across national data centres, e-infrastructures and research infrastructures allowing researchers and citizens to access and re-use data produced by other scientists. EOSC success is based on continuous engagement with scientific stakeholders actively supporting its implementation and in their respective capacities. ESCAPE (European Science Cluster of Astronomy & Particle physics ESFRI research infrastructures) aims to address the Open Science challenges shared by ESFRI facilities (CTA, ELT, EST, FAIR, HL-LHC, KM3NeT, SKA) as well as other pan-European research infrastructures (CERN, ESO, JIV-ERIC, EGO-Virgo) in astronomy and particle physics research domains.

The complexity of all this new apparatus in science grows rapidly, the data volume produced by them is seeing a tremendous increase and the software to analyse the data is becoming more and more complex. On the other hand, this data should be accessible to the growing scientific communities, as they collaborate and interact. The ESCAPE project brings together partners from astronomy and particle physics to collaborate on building the EOSC. The ESCAPE actions aim at delivering solutions to ensure integration of data, tools, services and scientific software ; to foster common approaches to implement open-data stewardship ; to establish interoperability within EOSC as an integrated multi-probe facility for fundamental science.

LAPP within the ESCAPE project

The LAPP ensures for the period 2019-2022, the international coordination of the H2020 ESCAPE project. It is a cluster of international scientific organizations and legal entities in charge of major projects in particle physics and astrophysics. LAPP is in charge of putting the scientific software catalog into operation in EOSC for the research areas concerned by ESCAPE. This is to support the core community approach to the continued development, deployment, exhibition and preservation of domain-specific science data, software, tools and services within the overall context of the EOSC service catalog.

It is within this framework that the MUST platform of LAPP and Savoie Mont Blanc University is taking the lead in the construction and implementation of EOSC - European Open Science Cloud. EOSC is the European cloud initiative launched by the European Commission to capitalize on the revolution of the open data world and to build a competitive economy around data and knowledge.

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