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Post-doctoral Research Associate Position on Higgs to diphotons in ATLAS at LAPP-Annecy

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LAPP-Annecy is opening a two-year post-doc position on ATLAS in the diphoton analysis group. The position can begin as soon as October 1st 2018, and will focus on the measurement of the Standard Model Higgs boson properties in the diphoton decay channel.

The successful candidate is expected to take a leading role in the activity of the diphoton analysis team, focusing on the measurement of the SM Higgs boson properties (i.e. precision measurement of the Higgs couplings and Simplified Template Cross Sections (STXS) and their Effective Field Theory interpretation in the 𝑯 → 𝜸𝜸 channel), as well as on photon performance improvements that would benefit this analysis (e.g. calibration of the photon energy scale and resolution).

More details on the work and application can be found in the attached document.

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