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Study of the reconstruction efficiency for neutral particles with the LHCb detector

For a wide number of physics analyses, the efficiency for reconstructing particles and selecting signal is taken from simulation. This approach assumes a perfect description of the real detector and reconstruction chain in the simulation which in practice is not realized. In particular, the reconstruction of photons and π0 by means of the LHCb calorimeter depends on several factors (material distribution, energy calibration...) which are difficult to properly describe in the simulation. In that case, the level of agreement between data and simulation needs to be quantified. The goal of the internship is to compare the photon and π0 efficiency as obtained on real data and on Monte Carlo data.

o Niveau : stage de Master 2 suivi d’une thèse

o Date du stage : printemps 2018

o Durée du stage : 6 semaines à 4 mois, selon M2 d’origine

o Responsable : Maximilien CHEFDEVILLE

o Téléphone : 04 50 09 16 34

o e-mail :

o Membres de l’equipe d’encadrement : M. Chefdeville, D. Décamp, P. Ghez, J.-F. Marchand, M.-N. Minard, B. Pietrzyk, S. T’jampens, E. Tournefier, Z. Xu

Sujet détaillé :