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Very short baseline neutrino oscillations study with the STEREO detector

The neutrino group at LAPP proposes an experimental M2 project on neutrino physics, on the study of very short baseline neutrino oscillations with the STEREO detector. The discovery of neutrino oscillations is one of the major accomplishments in particle physics of the last decades (2015 Nobel prize), and it proves that the neutrinos have a non-zero mass. This fact, whose profound reason remains unexplained today, has nevertheless been embedded in the Standard Model of particle physics. A huge experimental effort is ongoing ever since, aiming at a precise experimental measurement of all the parameters involved.

o Level : Master 2 internship, can be followed by a PhD

o Date of the internship : printemps 2018

o Duration of the internship : 6 weeks to 4 months

o Responsable : Pablo DEL AMO SANCHEZ

o Phone : 04 50 09 16 67

o e-mail :

o Team members : P. del Amo Sanchez, I. de Bonis, D. Duchesneau, Y. Karyotakis, A. Minotti, H. Pessard, V. Sergeyeva, L. Zambelli

Detailed description :