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Search for New Physics in the Higgs sector with the ATLAS experiment

Since the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012, the Higgs sector of the Standard Model is one of the main windows into searches for new physics, in particular through the measurement of its coupling parameters. The Higgs self-coupling parameterλ plays a particularly important role, since it is a direct probe of the Higgs potential responsible for electroweak symmetry breaking in the SM. It could potentially benefit from large contributions from New Physics. The most sensitive probe of λ at LHC is through double Higgs production with Higgs decays to pairs of bquarks and of photons (HH->bbγγ), which is one of the flagship measurements of the high-luminosity program of the LHC (HL-LHC).

o Level : Master 2 internship, can be followed by a PhD

o Date of the internship : spring 2018

o Duration of the internship : 6 weeks to 4 months

o Responsable : Stéphane Jézéquel

o Phone : 04 50 09 16 61

o e-mail :

o Team members : N. Berger, M. Delmastro, L. Di Ciaccio, C. Goy, T.Guillemin,T. Hryn’ova, S. Jézéquel, I. Koletsou, R. Lafaye, J. Lévêque, N. Lorenzo Martinez, E. Sauvan, I. Wingerter-Seez

Detailed description :