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Two major LAPP projects supported by the USMB Foundation

Two major LAPP projects supported by the USMB Foundation

On the 29th of June, the board of the USMB Foundation (Savoie Mont Blanc University) met to define the projects that will be accompanied as of the beginning of the next academic year.

After finding that they were fully in line with the foundation’s mission, the members voted in favor of five projects, two of which LAPP is heavily involved:

  • The financing of a study to validate the opportunity to open up to the economic world « MUST », the powerful mesocenter for storage and data processing, until now reserved for the University research laboratories;

  • The financial support for the research project carried out jointly with the laboratory LISTIC and the industry, within the framework of the project H2020 ASTERICS, for the analysis of very large masses of astronomy data exploiting the potential of the "Deep learning".

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