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Visits and conferences

LAPP researchers contribute to many initiatives in order to make the general public aware of their research particle physics and astrophysics.

The laboratory always welcomes the group visit requests, particularly from schools. During such visits students get to see the detectors under construction, electronic CAD, the computing centre and the permanent scientific exhibitions featuring models and posters illustrating the detectors, spark chamber and cloud chamber.

LAPP also participates in European Masterclass project, organized by CERN. Students from high schools are invited to spend half day in the shoes of researchers. During their stay students analyse real data from large hadron collider (LHC- CERN) to study elementary particles. Then they have to compare their results with other students in Europe and discuss these results and observations with CERN researchers through video conferencing facilities.

LAPP researchers also regularly deliver talks in training schools on request. These talks cover various themes such as LHC physics, neutrinos, antimatter, dark matter…

Every two years, the laboratory organizes open days on the occasion of Fête de la Science (national science festival). In 2016, these open days took place on 15 and 16 October, and from 10 to 13 October. This was a very successful event with many schools from Annecy visiting the laboratory. During such open door events general public discover state of the art particle physics research as well as the major experiments in which the laboratory is a participating. Several scientific talks for general public were organized on the weekend of the Fête de la Science.

Contact : For more information on Lab visit or scientific talks, please get in touch with Edwige Tournefier or Myriam Froger