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The laboratory’s researchers take part in various actions to introduce the general public to their research in the field of particle physics and astrophysics.

Visits and lectures

The communication unit and the laboratory’s researchers regularly organise numerous events to introduce particle physics and make the LAPP known to the general public : school visits, various conferences, participation in the Science Festival every two years...
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Scientific Training Workshops

Scientific training workshops and master classes are organized at the LAPP. Contacts : Claire Adam, Damir Buskulic and Laura Zambelli.
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LAPP Seminars
They take place on Fridays at 2:00. The subjects covered are very often those of our discipline, whether they be instrumental, analytical or theoretical aspects, or new projects in progress. But they can also deal with other scientific fields and thus arouse everyone’s curiosity. The questions that follow the presentation allow the audience to clarify certain aspects.

The internal members of the scientific committee (Isabelle de Bonis, Julie Prast, Loïc Rolland and Rémi Lafaye) of the laboratory are in charge of the scientific animation of the laboratory.

To propose a seminar, please contact :
Isabelle de Bonis, Julie Prast, Loïc Rolland, Rémi Lafaye

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