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Safety and Prevention at LAPP

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Safety and Prevention at LAPP



All the laboratory safety players are designed to ensure the Health and Safety of the workers, the public and external workers as well as the environmental protection at the laboratory.

The aim is to prevent the accidents at work and the occurrence of occupational diseases and to ensure the safeguarding of the laboratory assets.

Safety players :

  • The Head of the Unit is responsible for the health and safety of the workers under his authority.
  • To ensure his mission, he is assisted by several persons:
    • Health and Safety Officer (AP) and its support,
    • The Radiation Protection Officer (PCR),
    • Laser Adviser,
    • Chemicals Adviser,
    • First Aid Staff (SST),
    • And the Health and Safety/Medical secretary who ensure the prevention medicine.
  • The head of the unit and the AP are supported by the Regional Health and Safety Engineers (IRPSs) for the implementation of all the steps.
  • And the CHS (Health and Safety Committee) of the laboratory is common to LAPP and LAPTh, a consultation committee whose members study the safety problems of the unit and propose appropriate and necessary measures.


  • Assessment of occupational risks formalized in a Single Document
  • Keeping the Safety Registry
  • Implementation of the regulations
  • Implementation of the prevention policy
  • Safety advice for all newcomers according to the risks in the laboratory: Fire, electrical, chemicals, mechanical, Laser, radiation, working with a screen risk…
  • Management of Trainings and accreditations according to needs
  • Organization of fire evacuation exercises
  • Safety management of outside companies working in the laboratory
  • Management of Periodic audits
  • Waste management DEEE
  • Management of the associated documentation (procedures, reports…)