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Communication at LAPP

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The members of the communication team are :

o Edwige Tournefier : communication manager, physicist

o Alix Guillaume : communication officer

o Cécile Barbier : webmaster

o Monique Cottin : diaporamas

Seminars at LAPP

Seminars take place on fridays at 2pm.

The internal members of the laboratory scientific commitee (Isabelle de Bonis, Julie Prast, Loïc Rolland et Rémi Lafaye) take care of the scientific animation.

To suggest a seminar, please contact :
Isabelle de Bonis, Julie Prast, Loïc Rolland, Rémi Lafaye

Consult the seminar program

Visits and conferences

The communication team regularly organizes events in order to present particle physics and LAPP research activities to the public : visits for scholar, conferences, participation to the Fête de la Science every even years...

For more information consult the page Visits and Conferences

LAPP’s logo :

The logotype is built on the main idea which is the visual representation of two research areas of the laboratory :

  • cosmos observation,
  • measurements at accellerators.

Declinations :

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Conception : / March 2016

Research and support teams correspondents :

Within each research and support team a correspondent participates to the various actions : the organisation of visits, the definition of communication supports and the organisation of events like the fête de la science.

o Jessica Leveque, Narei Lorenzo : ATLAS

o Vincent Tisserand : LHCb

o Armand Fiasson : AMS

o Gilles Maurin : HESS

o Loic Rolland : Virgo

o Henri Pessard : Neutrinos

o Eric Fede : Computing

o Sébastien Vilalte : Electronic

o Jean-Philippe Guillet : LAPTh