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Quality and project management at LAPP

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LAPP is developing a quality policy within its laboratory and its projects. In parallel, the laboratory is strongly involved in project management. It has developed an innovative approach to formalizing relations between the laboratory and the projects.

The quality representative of the laboratory supports the implementation, the control and the improvement of the laboratory and/or projects quality.

The Responsible for technical project control, in collaboration with the quality representative, insures the project control and current experiments as well as their good progress in order to help the management team to make decisions and to manage the human resources.

To accomplish their missions, the IN2P3 technical management provides all the institute laboratories, including LAPP, with common repositories as well as methods and tools allowing the improvement of quality, risks management, project management and project support.

LAPP is one of the EMAP (Project management experts) and MAQ (Quality Management) members of the IN2P3 institute.

The laboratory quality has for mission :

  • The implementation, development and improvement of the quality system,
  • The promotion of quality within the laboratory,
  • The development of the spirit and the quality culture within the laboratory.

The project quality has for mission :

  • The document support for project teams,
  • The schedule,
  • The risks management.

The project management has for mission :

  • The technical project control,
  • The project review control,
  • The promotion and quality development within the projects.

Tools used by the laboratory :

  • Means and objectives contracts signed between the experiment and the management
  • IN2P3 electronic document management – ATRIUM
  • Project management : annual local reviews of the scientific and technical projects (Status Report)
  • Internal procedures of the laboratory (new incomers)
  • Adaptation of the quality tools of the different international projects

Contacts :

Quality representative : Isabelle MIEVRE

Technical Project Manager : Nadine NEYROUD