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Neutrinos projects

The electronics department is involved in neutrinos experiments based at the LHC and at the Laboratoire souterrain de Modane.

WA105: LBNO prototype (Long Baseline Neutrino Observatory).

In collaboration with the mechanics department, the electronics department develops printed boards for the detector grids.The department develops a solution for the measurement of the distance between modules based on capacitive electrodes readout. The electronics studies are common with the Lavista experiment. In collaboration with the APC laboratory, the department develops the acquisition system for the photo-multipliers: AMC boards and micro-TCA crates.

JPEG - 21.8 kb
cartes d’acquisition des PM
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chassis micro-TCA


In collaboration with the software department, the electronics department developed a standard access layer for the detectors slow-control data (Multipurpose OPCUA server, copact-RIO). These developmments are common with the CTA experiment.