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MUST usage and support

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These differents tools could provide you a good information about usage and support of the MUST Computing Center

MUST Real time usage information

These charts, hourly updated, provides information about charge of MUST Computing Center for the previous hours and days, more precisely number of jobs in queue or running, splitted by category : LHCb, ATLAS, CTA, local or other grid.

MUST usage statistics

These statistical charts are an integrated information about use of MUST Computing Center by groups during the last month or previous year.

Submit a new support request :

The MUST user support is organized to answer any technical questions, relaying tickets to the appropriate expert. When you encounter any issue, recommended procedure is to send mail, with a complete problem description, to the following email address : MUST support for LAPP and LAPTh users MUST support for all other users (Université Savoie Mont Blanc and partners)

A wiki page to start is available here